Saturday, 23 February 2008


I started to know myself when I knew that I was growing big, while everyone around negated it.Being the second among three children and the only girl,I had settled with being a loner.
Those times were quite different.I scarcely ever had a decent conversation with my father.If ever I spoke within the house, it used to be small whispers with my mother or sighs of accepting defeat.
I was moulded into an epitome of patience, sacrifice and obedience.
Everyone spent about a decade convincing me that I had grown too big to be like a kid; but when I realized that i had indeed grown up, there were no takers.

However my overt acceptance, satisfied everyone but me...


ShEkHaR said...

Girl in the picture is very Cute,

Meshrum said...

Unfortunately, thats how things are! You don't understand what is happening, yet realize it later. But then times have already passed by.
Satisfying others is sacrificing yourself.

Sunil Shiv Shankar said...

Now you have vanished

Anonymous said...

Such an honest post! Lovely write ups:)


workhard said...

I was exactly opposite. i just fit in perfectly wid the boys.. my elder sister kinda isolated me.. big age difference.. so i fit in wid the boys...used to play cops and robbers.. thats why i guess i turned into a tomboy!!!

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Ekanthapadhikan said...

This would not have been the case if you were not a mallu. I know this 'coz I've seen and experienced the life in other cities for years. Our society is a typical Patriarchal, male chauvinistic one that looks at women as mere sexual objects and nothing else. If the world would come to an end some day, I guess, I'd have to wait till then to see a difference in the thought process of my people!

I'm not hopeful about this one single thing in my life. I'm ready to hope that I might become a millionaire and get the "right girl" for me if I wait enough, which I know, is nearly close to being impossible. But our society changing... The impossible will shy off at this thought!