Saturday, 23 February 2008


I started to know myself when I knew that I was growing big, while everyone around negated it.Being the second among three children and the only girl,I had settled with being a loner.
Those times were quite different.I scarcely ever had a decent conversation with my father.If ever I spoke within the house, it used to be small whispers with my mother or sighs of accepting defeat.
I was moulded into an epitome of patience, sacrifice and obedience.
Everyone spent about a decade convincing me that I had grown too big to be like a kid; but when I realized that i had indeed grown up, there were no takers.

However my overt acceptance, satisfied everyone but me...

Saturday, 16 February 2008


I am a free wife. You wonder how? Human life is extremely complicated and in some ways it is as easy at it can be.

Now as I am free, I look back and jot down the memoirs of my bonded life..

But even as I take this step to mark my freedom, i cannot help but brood ..

Am i actually Free or am I still bound???